S.No. Judgement Details
1 A worker of contractor cannot seek reinstatement from principal employer Allahabad high court
2 Non Compliance of transfer order justifies termination Himachal Pradesh high court
3 While terminating the services of a workman on account of misconduct committed by him, conducting of domestic inquiry is not necessary if the workman has admitted the misconduct on his own free will Himachal Pradesh High Court
4 Non-Conducting of Departmental inquiry prior to termination of services of a worker on account of misconduct is a violation of law Punjab & Haryana High Court
3 Use of abusive language at a Senior officer justifies dismissal Bombay High Court
4 Murder of worker near his residence after duty is an ‘accident’ for compensation Delhi High Court
5 No work No wages applies on not reporting at place Madras High Court
6 Termination without inquiry is a violation of law Punjab and Haryana High Court
7 Folding inquiry is not necessary on the admission of misconduct  Delhi High Court
8  bank manageris to ensure verification of borrowers of loan Gujarat High Court
 9 Payment of full wages Race 2 we made by the management during the pendency of the proceedings or till the age superannuation whichever is earlier Delhi High Court
 10 Appointment of an external member not associated with NGO, or not having required qualification under the law is invalid under sexual harassment act  Delhi High Court
11 An aggrieved woman need not file a complaint in person under sexual harassment act Rajasthan High Court
 12 For a member of ICC legal background legal background is not necessary  Rajasthan High
13 Under the provident fund, an employer can’t be held liable for the delay due to the bank or postal dept. Delhi High Court
 14 High Court can stay the recovery of EPF dues when Tribunal is not working Madras High Court
15 Under PF Act exempted establishment cant be bought within the ambit of Act by notification Kolkatta High court
16 No damages for delayed deposit can be livid when dues wore timely deposited Delhi High Court