S.No. Judgements Remarks
1. Termination of service of an employee on account of unauthorized absence is justified Delhi High court 824
2. Industrial Adjudicator is not functions officio after the award has become enforceable as far as setting aside of an ex parte award is concerned Supreme Court 815
3. Worker/ Employee cannot be automatically regularise or become permanent merely because employer violets provisions of CLRA Bombay High Court 827
4. Supervision by a principal employer is presumed to reject the work of any worker Bombay High Court 828
5. Directors/MD to be covered under ESI if remuneration is below prescribed ceiling Punjab & Haryana High Court 835
6. Forging signature of authorities is a valid reason for the management to terminate employee Jharkhand High Court 842
7. CMD having huge setup does not come under the purview of definition of “Principal Employer” und CLRA Jharkhand High Court 850
8. Holding of enquiry not imperative on admission of misconduct by a delinquent. Himachal Pradesh High Court 852
9. Any deduction from the payable gratuity is not permissible Himachal Pradesh High Court 854
10. A deputation of an employee to another place not tenable when not stipulated in a contract. Himachal Pradesh High Court 856
11. A claim for compensation under ECA is not sustainable if there is no proof of working with the alleged employer Madras High court 861
12. Appeal under the Gratuity Act is to be filed within the prescribed Limits. Madras High court 864
13. Dismissal is liable to be set aside when the same is not based upon findings of proper enquiry Karnataka High Court 866


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