S.No. Judgements Remarks
1. ·       No reinstatement to a casual employee who worked only for one year.

·       In case casual employee is working less than one year a lump sum compensation is justified.

Supreme Court LLR 1285
2. Sexual Harassment Act 2013

·       Non compliance of provisions of section 4 of the said act, while constituting internal committee would vitiate the enquiry.

·       Transfer of employee out of branch in compliance of section 12 of the said act is legal.

Punjab & Haryana High court LLR 1286
3. A College employee can challenge his termination in Educational Tribunal. Punjab & Haryana High court LLR 1288
4. Architects Firm, performing work of professional nature not covered under ESIC Act. Karnataka High Court LLR 1298
5. Resignation held to be proper if workmen did not deny her signature upon it. Madras High Court LLR 1301
6. Workers of contractors can also raise industrial dispute for their regularisation. Calcutta High Court LLR1291
7. Extended Maternity benefits not available after completion of contractual employment Delhi High Court LLR 1293
8. Retired employee is not a ‘workmen’ under industrial dispute act Karnataka High Court LLR 1294
9. An employee having resigned voluntary, cannot later on contended illegal termination Madras High Court LLR1301
10. Labour Court not to hold a fresh enquiry when it was not prayed for Allahabad High Court LLR 1289
11. An order passed against a party without service of summons is not sustainable Orissa High Court LLR 1098
12. Reinstatement with 50% back wages is appropriate on illegal termination Bombay High court 1084