S. No. Important Judgement Remarks
1. Forfeiture of gratuity is not automatic on dismissal from service.

Forfeiture of Gratuity is permissible only in case of Misconduct leading to Dismissal

Supreme Court LLR 1051
2. Exemption of a charitable hospital from Income Tax would not justify exemption from Bonus Act.

Having surplus of income over expenses is the actual earning of profit.

Delhi High Court 1060
3. Removal justified when the employee nether complies transfer or appears before Medical Board Delhi High court 1139
4. No fresh claim can be made after settlement of all dues Madras High Court 1265
5. An employee not respecting his superiors can’t be retained Allahabad High Court 1257
6. Transfer is the right of employer but deputation is not Himachal Prdesh High Court 1247
7. Principle of No Work No pay not applicable when employee is willing to work Allahabad High Court 1247
8. Termination of hospital employees for creating reign of terror would be justified even without enquiries. Karnataka High Court 1106
9. Termination of a contractual employee is not to be construed as retrenchment. Punjab & Haryana High Court 1077
10. No penalty for delayed payment of accident compensation justified when employer extended immediate relief. Punjab & Haryana High Court 1105
11. Coverage under the Act by clubbing two establishments run by father and son can’t be set aside. Rajasthan High Court 1148
12. Coverage of establishment with less than 20 employees is not legal. Orrisa High Court 1126