S.No. Judgements Remarks
1. ·       Claim for Overtime tenable only when an additional work is admitted by employer Supreme Court LLR1
2. ·       If any employee is terminated on ground of criminal case earlier and later if he is acquitted in criminal case than his termination is not acceptable Supreme Court LLR2
3. ·       Dismissal of employee justified for consuming liquor on duty

·       An enquiry by tribunal can be held only when the employer has made a request

Supreme Court LLR3
4. ·       Termination without seeking approval during the pendency of dispute is illegal

·       If the workmen has attained the age of superannuation during litigation under section 33 of IDA he is entitled for full back wages with all benefits till the age of superannuation

Delhi High Court LLR8
5. ·       Termination of services of a workmen without notice or notice pay is illegal

·       Termination of services of a workmen withholding salary is unsustainable

Delhi High Court LLR11
6. ·       Excess work more than 48 Hrs. attracts Over time

·       Supervisors and above ranked officials are not entitled for overtime

Bombay High Court LLR 19
7. ·       A show cause notice can be substitute for charge sheet Guwhati High Court LLR 29
8. ·       Gratuity to be calculated even after an employee was a daily wager after his engagement Himachal Pradesh High Court LLR 71
9. ·       Gratuity cannot be denied for not vacating the quarter Hyderabad High court LLR 72
10. ·       Termination of a part time sweeper working for 18 Yrs. Without retrenchment compensation is illegal Punjab & Haryana High Court LLR 49